The King of Trash Talk: Chael Sonnen declared victorious by Jim Rome in 2012 Smackoff

Chael Sonnen stepped into a realm that he is not unfamiliar with this week, and came out victorious. Appearing on The Jim Rome Show, Sonnen participated in Rome’s annual Smackoff against five other ranters, winning the competition with his endless creative smack talk.

However, Sonnen did not win the contest by utilizing his go-to targets of Anderson Silva and Brazil, in fact he did not mention them at all. Instead he went to the well and created a new rant, touching on many subjects in the sports world. Obviously Chael P. Sonnen has been highly noted for his trash-talking abilities, now it appears he is taking his talents to the mainstream.

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Chael Sonnen‘s victory was not without controversy, however. Many fans cried foul over Sonnen’s win, claiming that Rome gave him the victory by default because he is a celebrity. It is always hard to count Sonnen out, whether it be in a fight or in the smack-talk arena. Sonnen was the winner in a great match according to Rome himself, who responded via

Chael Sonnen is expanding his exposure before his historic rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 148 in Las Vegas. Will this be the height of his popularity or will it continue with him as the UFC Middleweight champion?

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Listen to Sonnen’s rant here via