Tai Emery tells ‘Karens’ about BKFC Asia celebration flash: “I’m sorry about that, but this is an 18+ event.”

Tai Emery Flash Celebration
Photo Credit: @tai_emery on Instagram

Australian fighter Tai Emery created one of the biggest viral moments in BKFC history when she knocked out her opponent in the first round and then flashed the audience.

The knockout and flashing video made the rounds on the MMA socials, even garnering a discussion on Joe Rogan’s show.

Tai Emery will be back in action at BKFC Asia 4 on December 10. She will be facing Thai-born knockout slugger Po Denman in Bangkok. But because of how much trouble she got in last time, Tai Emery is uncertain what will happen if she wins this time around.

Tai Emery in trouble for the flash

Thanks to numerous viewers’ complaints about Tai Emery’s flash, she got in trouble with the leader of BKFC. In an interview with MMA Fighting, the Australian fighter said:

“I will say one thing, I did get in a lot of trouble with Dave Feldman from BKFC — just for everyone that wanted to know some repercussions — I was in trouble, so thanks everyone, all you Karens, for having a little complaint. I’m sorry about that, but this is an 18+ event, so just don’t watch.”

What will happen this time? We’ll see is all she would reveal about her plans. Tai Emery explained:

“So they said that I’m going to be fined if I pull a stunt – that word has been locked in my head, because I’ve been pulled into the principal’s office once again. Nothing’s changed. I’ve been told that the stunt that I pulled will not be allowed. They’re talking millions of bahts in fines, but what’s good? We’ll see what happens.”

Fighting in bare knuckle is about freely expressing oneself, Tai Emery concluded by saying:

“That’s a sense of freedom when you can just be yourself, especially on that sort of stage. That’s a hard thing to do. I’m just going to be myself, and welcome to the s*** show, once again.” [Transcript courtesy of MMA Fighting]