Petr Yan mocks Song Yadong’s UFC Vegas 83 win, call out: ‘I knock you out’

Song Yadong Petr Yan UFC Vegas 83

After a smothering victory over the red-hot Chris Gutierrez at UFC Vegas 83, Song Yadong continued to show off his newly-found apparent mastery of the English language by absolutely flaming the former UFC bantamweight champion on live-TV: Petr Yan.

Song Yadong came into UFC Vegas 83 in dire need of a victory. Not only did Yadong emerge from the cage victorious, but he also emerged as a young superstar. While many hardcore fans might have been sold on the young Chinese fighter for many years now, the casual MMA fan now knows the potential of this young stud. While the fight may have been gritty and lackluster in many places, it was still a beautiful exhibition of skill.

Song Yadong mixed the martial arts he’s been refining for many years into an elegant blend of sinister mayhem at UFC Vegas 83. He was everywhere, and nowhere at all. The elite and dangerous Chris Gutierrez came into the match with what some may call the world’s largest chip on his shoulder. He was fighting for his child; in an effort to prove his worth as a parent, and an adversary. These are words not chosen by us, but shared by Gutierrez himself in the leadup to the match.

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Yet, Yadong was an indomitable force inside the cage. For as much emotion as Gutierrez carried into the matchup, it was ruled ineffective. Song Yadong defeated his opponent with a masterful blend of mixed martial arts. Nothing more, and nothing less.

The former bantamweight champion Petr Yan reacted to the fight with a yawning emoji, but that’s most likely to disguise Yan’s real feelings. Which, one could imagine would look a lot more like the flushed-face emoji. An emoji that is commonly used to show fear and awe.

Song Yadong burns Petr Yan, issues a warning to the former bantamweight champion

During his post-fight interview, the former champion Petr Yan tweeted a yawning emoji. This was obviously in direct reference to Song Yadong’s performance.

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Inside the cage, Paul Felder (who was conducting the interview) asked Yadong how he felt about that disrespect, and the young Chinese superstar reacted brilliantly. Without the need for his translator to finish speaking, Yadong sneered and took the microphone. “Your last fight too, bro,” Yadong replied casually. This inspired Felder and the translator to let loose a wild laugh, as many fans watching at home probably did at that same moment as well.

“Sheit, (you and your last fight) look sheit!” Song Yadong continued, in near-perfect English. “Sometimes, (people have lackluster performances) you know. (If we) fight next, I knock you out… Boxing, your boxing is good? Ok, let’s go. Let’s try it! Who has the heaviest hands?”

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“I’m coming!” Song Yadong ended, in what was truly a glorious call-out. Following up on what was no doubt the biggest performance of his young career, Yadong also made sure to resonate with English-speaking fans more than he ever has before. This is important for an international superstar, as history has shown how fans can fail to appreciate greatness because of things such as language barriers.

How blown away were you by Song Yadong’s post-fight interview?