Sijara Eubanks Reacts To Missing Weight For UFC 230

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The MMA universe is going to be baffled at how Sijara Eubanks reacts to missing weight for UFC 230.

Eubanks was 1.2 pounds overweight at today’s UFC 230 early weigh-ins for tomorrow’s (Sat., November 3, 2018) pay-per-view (PPV) event from Madison Square Garden in New York. The miss was extremely disappointing due to the fact that Eubanks was originally scheduled to fight Valentina Shevchenko in the UFC 230 main event.

Perhaps she would have pushed harder to make weight for a title fight. But for now, it appears the UFC has dodged a massive bullet. UFC 230 was already a card that lost several high-profile fighters because of injuries. Eubanks was a very vocal opponent of her doubters going into the fight. ‘Sarj’ also missed weight for her first scheduled UFC fight last year.

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Eubanks also isn’t going to earn any new fans with her reaction to her latest weight miss. Shortly after missing weight again, Eubanks released a flippant ‘who cares’ sort of reaction on social media:

A fan wrote back that people were about to ‘have a field day’ with her as they already were. She replied they would have anyway. Eubanks promised to “bust a**” tomorrow:

A Bad Look

It’s a concerning circumstance from Eubanks. She came off as more than entitled when she blasted the UFC for removing her from the UFC 230 main event. The fight was already one that fans were scratching their heads at. It just didn’t seem to be one that could suitably headline a PPV from Manhattan.

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Eubanks went off on the UFC and Octagon commentator Joe Rogan, and now it’s backfired in a huge way. She’s come off as extremely selfish and entitled. It was the UFC’s and the fans’ fault when they criticized her title shot, yet she couldn’t even make weight for the fight.

Despite all of those dynamics, she doesn’t seem to care or hold herself accountable whatsoever. Her future in the women’s 125-pound division is tenuous at best.