With the recent confusion on wether or not Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar will fight for a third time there needs to be some options on the table. And it seems Ultimate Fighter 10 Runner up Brendan Schaub has stepped up to the plate and entered the mix.

Ready for a move up in the UFC Heavyweight division?

“Well let’s see. (Junior) Dos Santos beat Gabriel Gonzaga and he got a title shot. Shane Carwin beat (Gonzaga) him and got a title shot. I think Gabriel (Gonzaga) is one of those guys especially now is a good indicator of where you are at in the division. Whatever Dana White and Joe Silva want to do I’m ready for’

Response to Frank Mir wanting to fight you rather than Brock Lesnar

“I say lets do it! After the UFC 121 fight against Gonzaga they asked me who I wanted to fight. I said if it was up to me I’d fight Frank Mir. That’s not an easy fight by any means. I grew up a huge fan of Frank Mir, but I’m not the type of guy who will hug and hold hands in the cage. The way I show respect is to get in there and put an ass whooping on him.”

Do you think Frank (Mir) sees it an easier match against you because he’s afraid to fight the rubber match (Brock Lesnar)

“Not at all. Frank vs Brock right now doesn’t make sense. Brock is coming off of a loss and Frank just had a buddy buddy sparring match with Mirko Cro Cop. If Frank wins his next match and Brock does, then maybe that makes sense for a title shot, but right now no one wants to see that.”

So you are calling out Frank Mir?

“Ya no doubt! I’ve already done it. I did it in the UFC 121 post fight press conference and this will be the second time I do it”


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