Sage Northcutt Dropping Back Down To 155 Pounds After Crushing KO Loss

Sage Northcutt
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Sage Northcutt has learned from his recent loss inside the ONE Championship cage and will be making some big adjustments.

Northcutt suffered a knockout loss at 185 pounds to Cosmo Alexandre. He sustained several fractures as a result of the loss. Now, after some surgical repair and time off, Northcutt is preparing to get back to action. Speaking to MMA Junkie, the 23-year-old noted he plans on dropping back down to 155 pounds.

“I fought up at 185 pounds, so I was eating and drinking a lot to be able to get on some weight because I’m only 23, and I’m trying to put on some muscle, so now I’m going to go back down,” Northcutt said. “I learned my lesson about fighting a weight class too big, going back down to 155, and it’ll be better for me.”

Northcutt’s loss in his ONE debut ended a three-fight win streak that he racked up in the UFC. Shortly after his knockout loss, UFC president Dana White suggested Northcutt consider retirement, a suggestion Northcutt strongly disagreed with.

“For him to say something like that, after that injury, I don’t understand the exact logic of why he would say something like that,” Northcutt said. “Before, he was wishing me to do great in everything I happened to do in the future, and (to) say something like that is totally different.

“I’m sure he’s had a few fighters from the UFC go to ONE Championship and I’m sure he—I’m not sure what exactly he wants to see from those fighters, but I’m sure he would like them to be fighting for his league. Me fighting for ONE Championship is great, and I think I’m gonna accomplish great things.”

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