Roy Nelson Fires Back At Matt Mitrione’s Cheating Claims

Photo Credit: Bellator MMA
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Roy Nelson isn’t too happy with fellow Bellator heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione.

If you recall, Nelson was eliminated from the Bellator World Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament after suffering a loss. There is no love lost between these two fighters and in fact, they have some history.

Nelson lost a majority decision to Mitrione back at Bellator 194 in February, which marked a rematch between them as they fought under the UFC banner back in December of 2012 which saw Nelson win by first-round TKO.

Now, Nelson wants back in the tournament and he sees a trilogy fight with Mitrione as his opportunity. Keep in mind that Nelson’s next fight will see him take on Mirko Cro Cop at Bellator 200.

Mitrione lashed out at Nelson for using illegal tactics to keep top control in the third round in their fight at Bellator 194.

During Mitrione’s lash out, he called Nelson a “cheater,” “dirtbag” and more in the wake of the fight. Nelson fired back at Mitrione during a recent interview with MMA Junkie.

“Matt’s a guy that’s always the pot calling the kettle black,” Nelson told MMAjunkie. “I think he’s still upset because he’s cheating on his wife and stuff. That’s all I heard that whole week – was him cheating on his wife.

So I think he has a lot of guilt, and he’s got to take his rage out somewhere. But there’s no cheating on my end. I think he’s just upset because in his heart he didn’t really feel like he won. He wasn’t the best fighter that night.”

“I want Round 4, so we can go ahead and do that again,” Nelson said. “The worst-case scenario is we should’ve went to a fourth round. That was worst case scenario. (Referee) Dan (Miragliotta) was going to call the fight like three times. I got it in my head because I started having an argument with Dan about how Matt’s not moving and he couldn’t get out. He took a lot of unanswered shots.”

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