Up next at UFC Vegas 10 we have a fight between two flyweight contenders. MMA veteran Roxanne Modafferi is looking to get back in the win column after dropping a decision against Lauren Murphy. Andrea Lee is trying to do the same losing to Murphy and Joanne Calderwood.

Round 1: Andrea Lee loses her mouthpiece early. She pops it back in and we are back underway. Roxanne Modafferi catches a kick and shoots for the takedown. Lee defends well and it’s not long before the two fighters are back in striking range. Modafferi shoots again but the position is reversed and it’s Lee who ends up on top. ‘The Happy Warrior’ takes her times but ultimately gets back to her feet before immediately securing her own takedown. Modafferi is doing a great job to maintain top position and deliver some nice ground strikes. Lee escapes with 10 seconds left on the clock, shes takes the back but doesn’t have times to make anything of it – the horn sounds to end round one.

Round 2: The round begins on the feet and both women seem content to keep it there. Lot’s of volume from both fighters. Lot’s missing, some landing. Modafferi is getting the better of it right now – she’s landing from weird angles. The tide turns in Lee’s favour as she does a great job of mixing her kicks and strikes. She momentarily gets a takedown but its back to the feet almost instantly. A big spinning back elbow from Lee seems to have wobbled her opponent – beautiful stuff! Another heavy shot lands from Lee who throws a body kick afterwards, Modaferri grabs a leg and secure the takedown and finishes the round in top position.

Round 3: We are back underway and these ladies are trading shot. Both of them land nice uppercuts early into the third and final round. Lee is trying to use her kicks to keep Modafferi at bay. Lot’s of movement and feints from Roxy but she isn’t landing much. Two minutes left on the clock. Modafferi gets the body lock and the takedown. Lee works her way back to her feet but is dragged right back down to the mat. Roxy is maintains top position well and hitting her opponent with pop shots. Ten seconds left and Lee manages to reverse the position to end the round and the fight on top.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roxanne Modafferi def. Andrea Lee via unanimous decision

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