Ronda Rousey Gets Photoshopped, Tibau Gets Suspended Until 2017

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It looks like someone wanted to make Ronda Rousey appear a little bit thinner than she actually is, and the former bantamweight champion is not happy about it…

Ex-UFC women’s bantaweight queen Ronda Rousey has always been an advocate for pride in a woman’s own appearance. In numerous interviews ‘Rowdy’ has spoke of her own body image issues, that haven’t been aided by bullies and insensitive comments, even as recently as her spot in the Carl’s Jr. commercials. In a world where body image has become a distorted yet still highly impressionable issue among the youth it’s somewhat disheartening to hear Rousey has been subject to some air brushing.

That said, it was apparently not under the orders of ‘Rowdy’ herself, and she is rather unhappy about the fact it took place. The photoshop subject was an image of Rousey’s recent appearance in the Conan show, as she explains the story via her Instagram account. Check it out:

In a world as shallow and body conscious as ours, it is refreshing to have someone like Ronda Rousey around. As much grief as she takes from fans and media, she seems like quite an honest and straight forward person.

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