Former UFC and current Bellator LW star Roger “El Matador” Huerta recently talked to about his Upcoming fight with current Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez. The orginal opponent for Alvarez was The man who defeated Huerta, Pat Curran. Curran was injuried and forced Huerta to step in but the bout will not be for the title.

“It’s a dream come true for me, to be honest. Something that I was looking forward to when I signed on with Bellator. This is a guy who I’ve been eyeing, and all of a sudden here it is. It’s happening now and it’s going to be good. It does a lot of things. One fight, you’re back in it. It’s just how this thing goes. For me, I have to win.”

“I’m going in there to finish him. I’m not going in there to play patty cake or to fight a technical fight. I’m coming in to fight. … I’m telling you this right now: I’m not holding anything back. From the moment they say go, we touch gloves — it’s going to be on. I feel like if Eddie wins, he ends up killing my career. I can’t take another loss. This is really personal for me. This is my life.”

Roger has lost his last 3 of 4 with his only win being over Chad Hinton in his Bellator Debut. Huerta knows that another loss will seriously put him back in his career and he is ready to lay it all on the line. With a mind set like that this has potential to be fight of the year as the two explosive LWs meet on October 21 in Philadelphia.