Rashad Evans Pleads With Diego Sanchez To Get Rid Of Joshua Fabia

Sanchez Fabia

Rashad Evans believes Joshua Fabia is a parasite that Diego Sanchez needs out of his life.

Sanchez was recently released by the UFC with his controversial head coach Fabia playing a big role in the events that have taken place in recent days.

That’s mainly because Fabia recently requested the medical records of Sanchez from the UFC which led to the promotion naturally showing concerns about whether Sanchez was in a position to compete.

In the end, they weren’t convinced and proceeded to release Sanchez with his fight with Donald Cerrone on May 8 getting called off in the process.

Fabia, in particular, came under fire again with many theorizing that he was looking to file a lawsuit against the UFC had they allowed Sanchez to compete without giving him his medical records.

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In reality, he has nobody to blame but himself given his crazy antics in recent years as well as the role he has played in tarnishing Sanchez’s career from the eyes of many observers.

Sanchez, however, continues to back him up but Evans — who was a former teammate of Sanchez’s — made a plea on Instagram to the former lightweight title challenger to part ways with Fabia.

“Diego the UFC gave you a chance to compete as long as you did because they actually cared about you,” Evans wrote. “You were the original TUF CHAMP and they took care of you for that. You messed around and let that con artist Josh Fabia use you to try and get a lawsuit against the UFC. They sensed it because it was obvious that your manager / coach was about to get litigious.

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“I wish you the best my friend but you must get this guy out of your life. He is a parasite.”


Hopefully, Sanchez heeds his advice.