Rashad Evans: I can’t wait until I finally get my chance to shut him up

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Rashad Evans is set to face the former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson at UFC 114. This highly anticipated grudge match was supposed to take place at UFC 107 but Rampage had to pull out of the fight because of the A-Team movie. Both these fighters served as coaches at TUF 10, where the hatred towards eachother increased 10 folds and they have guaranteed a KO victroy. In a recent Interview Rashad Evans said

“I don’t like all the pre-fight talking, so I can’t wait until I finally get my chance to shut him up,” said Evans. “There were a lot of times on the show when I wanted to hit him right there. When Keith [Jardine] was training for his fight with Rampage, I had to mimic Rampage’s style. I can probably beat Rampage as Rampage now. Plus, he’s gotten fat. He needs to get in shape just to get in shape. I may come to the Octagon with Mr. T just to get in his head.”

Rashad Evans is so confident in this fight that he believes he can fight like Rampage and beat him. This over confidence could lead to his defeat but for now we will just have to wait till UFC 114 on May 29 to find out what happens.

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