Rashad Evans frustrated at waiting for Shogun, Dana White frustrated at Rashad Evans

Evans said the following on ESPN.COM….

“It’s just frustrating. I am a fighter and I need to make a living doing this, but at the same time it’s about getting that gold.”

“But if the gold is something that I’m not going to get an opportunity to fight for then I have to face that possibility and move forward and do some other things. If I don’t get the chance to fight for the belt, I will never ask to fight for this belt again. I will never want to fight for that belt again.”

“If Rua is going to be out longer than May or June then the UFC should consider an interim title and I will fight for an interim belt. It’s something. It might not mean much to everybody, but it’s something. But if I don’t get a chance to fight for an interim belt, then I will just beat everybody in the division and I will never fight for the belt.”

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Then Dana White had this to say about Evans….

“That’s the weirdest comment I have ever heard in my life. Rashad is scheduled to fight in March. We offered him a fight in September; he turned it down. He said he didn’t want to harm his brand. I don’t know what the Rashad Evans brand is, or what that means, but he said he didn’t want to harm it. It’s not like we were keeping him from fighting, he chose to wait for Shogun. It’s not our fault; Shogun had knee surgery.”

I do remember reading that Evans is going to wait for his title fight before he stepped back into the cage, so i also find it quite strange that he has said this publicly, i understand that he wants to fight but why say this when about 3-5 months ago he said he was going to wait.