Rachael Ostovich’s Husband Arrested For Attempted Murder

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The news surrounding UFC women’s flyweight competitor Rachael Ostovich this week has been truly disturbing.

Ostovich was hospitalized for injuries earlier this week after an alleged attack. With the injuries, her upcoming fight against Paige VanZant at UFC on ESPN+ 1 is now off. The UFC is reportedly searching for a replacement to face VanZant at the show.

Ostovich was reportedly treated for a broken orbital bone at a local Honolulu, Hawaii medical facility. Initially, there weren’t many details made available to the public as to whom Ostovich’s attacker was.

However, it was later determined that police began an investigation for felony domestic violence. Ostovich’s husband, Arnold Berdon, was the alleged perpetrator. Now, MMA Fighting has confirmed that Berdon was arrested on charges of attempted murder by the Honolulu Police Department. Berdon, also an MMA fighter, was taken into custody but has yet to be arraigned.

The 27-year-old allegedly attacked his wife early Sunday morning during an argument. Yesterday, Ostovich filed for and was granted, a restraining order against her husband, which expires May 19, 2019. The young couple also has a daughter together.

Before being arrested, Berdon had hired a lawyer and plans to defend himself. He claims he was attacked first and was defending himself. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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