Former longtime UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is coming off of a dominant decision victory over former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at July 9’s UFC 200. That victory earned Aldo the title of interim champion and what he thought was a guaranteed rematch with reigning 145-pound titleholder Conor McGregor, although McGregor was recently booked against lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

After hearing that news, Aldo went off on the UFC, saying that he no longer has interest in fighting and that he hopes to be released from his contract. In the wake of “Scarface’s” comments, PRIDE and UFC veteran Wanderlei Silva, a fellow Brazilian, invited him to Japan to compete under the Rizin banner.

Now, however, “The Axe Murderer” is suggesting that McGregor ‘fears’ Aldo. Silva also said that Aldo should continue to fight:

“McGregor fears Aldo, which is understandable,” he said. “I would be scared, too. Aldo is hands down the best fighter in the division and you can’t just mess with someone like that. When you mess with a fighter like that, it’s not about the money anymore. My dad used to say you don’t mess with a man. So don’t mess with Aldo. If you want his fans and his show, you need to respect him and not make empty promises,” Silva told Combate.

“But if I could give Aldo a piece of advice today, it would be for him to calm down a think about his fans. He’s still very young and has 10, 12 fights left in him and he can’t leave his fans, like me, without that fight and many others he can still have. Besides, he can still bring a lot of joy to our country.”

Do you expect to see Aldo compete again?