Quick Quote: Manny Pacquiao "I’m willing to try MMA"

Boxing Pound for Pound great Manny Pacquiao recently game a interview to Bill Emes and Michael Marley from boxingscene.com. The interview included alot of hot questions for Pacquiao right now, some questions including the chances of him trying Mixed Martial Arts.

 in the interview, When he was asked if he would ever give Mixed Martial Arts a shot he responded: “I want to but they(promoters & Management) don’t want me to fight” Paquiao later went on to say if his adviser Michael Koncz and promoter Bob Arum say it’s ok, he will try it.

But after reading this article it was pretty hard to swallow. Its very hard to believe that Paquiao is serious, especially with him saying things like MMA is “too Brutal” in other interviews. Lets just hope this crazy little man finds himself in the cage one day. i Feel that Paquiao can be the man to save boxings image if he is to convert to Mixed Martial Arts.

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HT: Boxingscene.com