‘Dana White’s Power Slap League’ draws criticism from Physicians due to “chronic neurological injuries”

Dana WHite Power Slap league
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‘Dana White’s Power Slap League’ may have approval from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but it still has a major uphill battle to get widely accepted. Earlier this week, the NSAC gave formally gave Dana White, Hunter Campbell, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Lawrence Epstein the green light for this endeavor. The NSAC oversees all combat sports in the state of Nevada including MMA, Boxing, and now, slap fighting.

UFC President Dana White called out those who may be critical of ‘Power Slap League. White said that this sport will be safe due to it being regulated. While speaking to MMA Fighting, White explained:

“We run right toward regulation, regulate the sport to make sure it’s safe for everybody — because a lot of people are going to get involved in this just like they did MMA. What you want is you want to make sure there’s clear cut set rules, people have to take the proper medicals before, during, and after the fight to keep the thing safe. It should be regulated and Nevada did the right thing. I applaud them and that’s why they’re the most respected athletic commission in the world.”

However, government approval may not be enough for ‘Power Slap League’ to be safe. Even with medical checks and NSAC approval, it may not be safe. Neurologist Dr. Nitin Sethi spoke with IB.TV about the kind of injuries one can expect for participating in this sport. In plain language, Dr. Sethi explained the facts of the matter, he said:

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“Open-handed slaps delivered with such force to the opponent’s face frequently cause the person’s legs to buckle, at times suffer momentary – sometimes longer – loss of consciousness, and collapse to the floor. These are all concussive injuries of varying duration. The ‘athlete’ who is on the receiving end of the slap has no option available to him to defend himself. These ‘slaps’ will add up. In my professional opinion, those who partake in this ‘sport’ will also suffer the stigmata of chronic neurological injuries.”

Dr. Sethi added that regulation and medical oversight is worthless, he continued:

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“I disagree with the argument that better medical supervision of this ‘sport’ shall make it safer. I am not sure what a physician is meant to supervise here other than being the overseer of concussive injuries occurring under his or her watch.”

Ben Fowlkes speaks out on Power Slap League and safety

MMA journalist Ben Fowlkes laid out in plain language how the idea is surrounding Power Slap League. Fowlkes said:

“A nascent sport crawling out of the primordial ooze … The dumbest sport imaginable … The concept of slap fighting,” Fowlkes elaborated, “is about as simple as it gets. Two people stand across from each other and take turns hitting each other in the face with an open hand until, one way or another, someone has had enough. It might be the only combat sport where any form of defense is expressly, explicitly banned.”

‘Power Slap League’ is a sport with no technique or defense allowed. It is simply trading strikes. The strategies and meta of the sport can never develop. To add, even in its short history, there has been brain damage and death. Polish slap fighter Artur Walczak died after being hospitalized after a slap fight.

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