Poll: Will A UFC Sale Help Or Hurt MMA?

Lorenzo Fertitta

Last night (Tues., May 10, 2016), the somewhat shocking news arose that the UFC was apparently in ‘advanced talks’ for a potential sale to a group of four possible buyers in a report from ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

UFC President Dana White quickly denied the report and blasted Rovell to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, but Rovell noted that a company that is not up for sale most likely would not enlist the help of financial giant Goldman-Sachs.

White then appeared on ESPN’s The Dan Patrick Show this morning to address the report, affirming that while the UFC is not up for sale as of now, they are always fielding offers, and if they were to indeed sale the promotion, that would probably be when he stepped down.

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It’s a lot to digest, and foreseeing what the UFC would become under new ownership without White is a tough proposition as of now. With that said, many have been griping about how the UFC has been doing business in recent years, mainly in the areas of fighter pay and the Reebok sponsorship deal.

What do you think? Would a UFC sale to new ownership be good or bad for the sport of MMA?