It’s crazy to think that UFC 202 is just over two weeks away now. Five months ago the first chapter of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s rivalry was concluded at UFC 196. The two infamous trash talkers shared a pre-fight rivalry just 11 days long, but it bore the fruits of an all-time classic scrap. Eventful press conferences and confrontations between Diaz and McGregor amplified the tension before their March 5 showdown, and the fight itself delivered in a flurry of blood and excitement.

When fists finally flew in the octagon, an unexpected hero emerged. The Stockton bad boy Diaz, after years of putting in work, put the screws to the UFC’s most popular star. After absorbing some serious power from McGregor early on, the Californian grappler was able to take control of the fight on the ground. Trapped in ┬árear naked choke, ‘The Notorious’ had no choice but to tap out. As we approach the August 20 rematch, the flames of their rivalry are once again being stoked.

Diaz whips a straight left hand that wobbled McGregor during their UFC 196 encounter...
Diaz whips a straight left hand that wobbled McGregor during their UFC 196 encounter…

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It’s time to take a look a how training is going for both these entertaining UFC stars. Oddly enough McGregor is actually looking smaller than he was for the first fight. Remember back to when the Irishman was preparing for his original UFC 196 opponent Rafael dos Anjos at lightweight, he was literally HUGE. Both men undoubtedly are looking in tremendous shape right now, with Diaz noticeably bigger but McGregor looking well conditioned.

Is this indicative of ‘The Notorious’ planning for a five round war? He stated after their first fight that he ‘had not used his energy efficiently,’ a very ill fated mistake to make against a cardio machine like Diaz.

Here’s the latest on McGregor an Diaz’s training and physique ahead of UFC 202.