Petr Yan: Aljamain Sterling Doesn’t Want To Fight Me Again

Yan Sterling

Aljamain Sterling doesn’t want to fight Petr Yan again.

That’s according to the latter who believes Sterling continues to contradict himself with his statements following his disqualification win at UFC 259 this past weekend to become the new bantamweight champion.

“One time he says one thing, different time he says different thing.” Yan said through his translator to ESPN (via Middle Easy). “Then, the staredown with Cejudo. Everything tells me he doesn’t want to fight me again. He understands he lost this fight, he understand it’s going to happen again. I feel like he doesn’t want to fight me again.”

Yan is referring to Sterling’s tweet where he hinted at fighting former bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo instead of facing Yan in a rematch.

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In reality, Yan is likely to get a rematch — especially given that he was well on his way to retaining his title before his illegal knee — and the Russian has already agreed to fight again.

He’s even ready to go within a month.

“UFC already reached out to me and asked when I’m ready to fight again.” Yan said. “I already told them I’m ready, one month, two months time. Whenever they want to do it. Like I said I before, I was punished already for what I did. I already lost the belt and the PPV points and whatever comes with becoming a champion.

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“Everything happened because the referee told the commission that it was intentional. But I didn’t throw it intentional. Now, the rematch is the only logic thing. The rematch has to happen next.”

As for Cejudo who has repeatedly hinted at returning to action? Like Sterling, Yan has reason to believe “Triple C” has no interest in facing him either.

But should he express an interest in a potential fight, Yan is happy to face him — once he regains his title.

“As you remember, when I became [the] #1 contender for the belt is the time when Cejudo retired,” Yan added. “And now, the first day when I lost the belt, Cejudo started talking about coming back. He doesn’t want to fight me. For me, now the goal is to get the rematch and Cejudo can be next after that.”

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Do you agree with Yan?