Paige VanZant has revealed the freedoms that come with leaving the UFC and says she could ‘retire tomorrow and be financially free.’

Ever since the 27-year-old joined the UFC, she became an instant star, becoming just the sixth fighter to have an individualized Reebok deal back in 2015 with just one win in the promotion. The then just 20-year-old joined fighters such as Conor McGregor and Jon Jones to be offered on the shortlist of sponsored fighters.

Although VanZant’s UFC career did not pan out exactly how all parties would have hoped, ultimately going 5-4 before her departure in 2020. She explained to MMAFighting that with the profile that she built in the UFC, she received a life-changing offer from BKFC when she decided to test free agency.

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“I could retire tomorrow and be financially free, and my kids would be pretty close to being financially free.” VanZant said. “I’m fortunate enough, I did build my name up, I know how hard I worked in the UFC and I know how much dedication I had.

“I did all the appearances nobody else wanted to do,” VanZant continued. “I travelled the world, every weekend, I was in a different state doing appearances. I was fortunate enough; I did have that grind mentality to build my name up. I did social media, ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ really did what I could to build myself as a business and as a brand.

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“So then when my contract ended with the UFC, I was able to go out there and be fortunate enough to sign with BKFC. They offered me a great contract. It opened the doors to all these other things that I wasn’t really able to do when I was with the UFC.”

Paige VanZant New Professional Wrestling Contract With AEW

In September of 2021, Vanzant began to make appearances on AEW alongside other American Top Team teammates such as Jorge Masvidal and Junior dos Santos.

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VanZant also appeared last month for the promotion in a segment with professional wrestler Brandi Rhodes.

following this, AEW president Tony Kahn announced that VanZant would be signing a contract, live on one of the episodes. it was also announced VanZant would be embroiled in a storyline with American Top Team owner Dan Lambert, who has become a regular on AEW since mid-last year.

What do you think? Should fighters follow in Paige VanZant’s footsteps and test life outside of the UFC?