Nik Lentz To BJ Penn: I’ll Retire You Properly

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Legendary multi-class UFC champion BJ Penn made a surprising appearance on UFC Tonight last night (Wed., September 30, 2015), and the topic of conversation centered on his unfortunates 2014 exit from the UFC after a brutal beating at the hands of Frankie Edgar.

Penn placed much of the blame on nutrition guru Mike Dolce, and he isn’t letting the grudge go. ‘The Prodigy’ said he wants to take on former Dolce employee Nik Lentz in the octagon and then find Dolce out back to ‘smash’ him.

And it didn’t take long for the all-time great to get a response from ‘The Carny,’ who took to Instagram with a seething acceptance of Penn’s challenge:

It looks like the gloves are off already, and even though this fight makes absolutely no sense in terms of the future of the UFC featherweight division, it would certainly be a fun one to settle a grudge.

Penn is arguably one of the most popular fighters to ever fight in the UFC, and even though Lentz put on a rousing ‘Fight of the Night’-winning performance against Charles Oliveira earlier this year, he’s probably not going to ever get as big a name as Penn.

Their beef in the media could just be beginning, and probably won’t anytime soon until the fight is booked. Do you want to see Penn take out his frustrations with Dolce on Lentz, or is ‘The Prodigy’ too far out of shape to beat even any semi-relevant fighters? If you enjoyed this story, please share it on social media!