Nate Diaz Rips Thomson ‘Excuse’, Says Punk ‘Panicked’


The Diaz name has become synonymous with trash talking in MMA, and for good reason, Nate and older brother Nick have made a past time of jeering folks over social media. The latest case of a Diaz talking trash comes in the form of Nate calling out former opponent Josh Thomson for a ‘fraudulent’ tweet.

Thomson’s twitter account recently blew up after he supposedly called out Nick Diaz, while trashing younger brother Nate. Thomson then said that his phone was actually stolen at the time of the tweet, echoing a recent homophobic slur scandal featuring Jon Jones. As we know, Diaz bros don’t take no shit, so Nate took to his twitter account to set the record straight:

If Thomson was really behind the original tweet, there is the chance that this escapade is a carefully planned ruse to bring the dormant Diaz brothers out of their semi-retirement. ‘Punk’ is already under their skin after knocking Nate in to next week at UFC on Fox 7. Perhaps he knows the best way to catch a Diaz, is to become a Diaz?

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If Nate is to make a return to fighting, a rematch between he and Thomson could make sense. Nate has previously said he won’t return for anything less than Anderson Silva money, and we all know beef sells wolf tickets, right?