Mike Perry
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Despite bagging Fight of the Night honors and going viral for his toughness following a broken nose, Mike Perry didn’t seem to bank much in the process.

Perry was recently outpointed by Vicente Luque in a close encounter during the co-main event of UFC Uruguay this past weekend. In the final round, Perry notably suffered a nasty broken nose but still managed to go the full distance.

“Platinum” received a lot of plaudits for his toughness and one would imagine going through what he did, he was paid handsomely. However, even with his post-fight bonus, he disputed claims from a fan page that he made $117,000 on the night:

“My a** I didn’t make that much smh,” he wrote in an Instagram story. “58 to show, Uruguay took 17, Management and team 15%, Still got last years taxes, Nose job priceless, Money in the bank $6.00, 400k fans on IG tho.”

It only goes to show that even a fan favorite like Perry, who is one of the more popular non-mainstream stars in the promotion, can be suffering financially.

It also brings up the debate for the need for mixed martial artists to unionize so they they can be paid better among other things.

What do you think of Perry’s claims? Do you think MMA fighters should unionize?

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