Miguel Torres "better, smarter" Fighter

Miguel Torres will try to make a run for the Batamweight Championship on March 6th at WEC 47 where he will be fighting Joseph Benavidez. Torres hopes that after his victory over Benavidez that he will get a rematch with Brian Bowles.

Torres was on a 17-fight win streak until he face Bowles, who ko’d him and took away his title in the very first round, but Torres believes that he has improved and is ready for a rematch with Bowles.

“I’m a better version and a smarter version of myself,” Torres said. “I used to smart fight because I had to. I was fighting one or two times per month, and I counted on that money, so I couldn’t really afford getting hurt. “But being in the WEC, I wasn’t fighting as much. I was fighting three times a year. I’ve realized I can take more risks. I don’t need to hold back. I can put it all on the line, and I’m going to hit hard.”

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Torres is more determined than ever to get back on top of the Batamweight division, and in order to do this Torres has completely changed his camp and is currently visiting four to five different camps and is travelling all around the world in order to become a better fighter.

Before Torres can get a rematch with Bowles, he will have to beat Benavidez at WEC 47 until then the rematch between Torres and Bowles can only be hoped for.

Source: MMAJunkie.com