IT’S TIME! The UFC Fight Island 8 main event is finally upon us. Welterweight contenders Michael Chiesa and Neil Magny are set to throw down for five, five-minute rounds…

Round 1: Michael Chiesa lands a low leg kick early but eats a punch from Neil Magny for his efforts. Chiesa lands a nice upkick to the body. He’s being really active on his feet and continues to circle around the Octagon. Magny is pushing forward but is struggling to get in range. Lot’s of feints and posturing without the action right now. Chiesa lands a nice straight shot. Magny returns with a straight punch of his own – he’s really pushing forward. Chiesa dips down and secures his first takedown of the fight. He immediately begins trying to advance position. The TUF winner is trying to set up a kimura but is forced to release it as Magny attempts to sweep. Chiesa is putting lot’s of pressure on. He’s landing lot’s of short strikes to try and soften up Magny and advance position before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round 2: Chiesa goes straight back to clinch and is trying to drag this fight back to the mat. Magny is defending well and has managed to reverse position against the fence. Chiesa turns the tables again. He drags the fight to the floor. Magny tries a submission forcing Chiesa to scramble. Magny pops back up but it’s only for a moment before Chiesa gets him down again. Chiesa drops an elbow that appears to cut his opponent. Chiesa with lot’s of top pressure and he’s staying busy enough to maintain the position. Chiesa tries to jump to mount but Magny resists. Chiesa postures up to drop a big punch before jumping back into the half guard as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round 3: Magny is putting his hands together at the start of this round. He charges forward and lands well but ends up in the clinch position against the fence. This is not where he wants to be. He’s in a strong position but has been outworked a lot in similar spots. Not this time though. Magny secures the takedown and jumps to the back of his opponent. Chiesa works his way back up. They tussle against the fence some more before going back to the center. Chiesa lands a nice punch. He charges forward for the takedown but settles for control against the fence. Mangy reverses the position and moves to the back. They continue to exchange positions against the fence. Chiesa eventually secures the takedown. There’s a scramble for the position but Chiesa ends up on top and quickly takes the mount. It looks detrimental for Magny but he escapes quickly and forces Chiesa back into his half guard. Magny is getting off some offence from the bottom but it is Chiesa who rides out round three in control.

Round 4: Into the championship rounds we go! Both men still look really fresh. Chiesa lands a beautiful straight shot then immediately secures a takedown. Chiesa is getting more aggressive in the top position now. Lot’s of ground strikes and top pressure. Chiesa is working for a kimura. Magny resists and begins to work his way back up. Chiesa jumps on the back and is threatening with the choke before jumping to the mount. It’s not long before Chiesa returns to the back mount. Magny survives and pops back to his feet. He begins to wade forward with punches. The fight quickly returns to the mat. Magny is working on an inverted triangle. He’s using it to drop strikes but eventually surrenders position and finishes round four on the bottom.

Round 5: Magny probably needs a finish in round five. He’s pushing forward early. Chiesa is staying light on his feet and evading strikes. Chiesa lands a nice strike but Magny continues to advance. Magny tries to put a combo together but Chiesa dips under and initiates the clinch. Magny uses the clinch to drag Chiesa down but he’s out scrambled and it’s the TUF winner that ends up on top once again. Chiesa continues to transition between the half guard and threatening with taking the back. Lot’s of top pressure as we’ve seen so often in this fight. He pops into the full mount for a moment before Magny recovers quickly. Lot’s of effort from the bottom by Magny but it only means he gives up the mount and ends the fight in that position.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Chiesa def. Neil Magny via unaminous decision.

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