Michael Chiesa Calling For Joe Lauzon Rematch

Michael Chiesa1

UFC lightweights Michael Chiesa and Joe Lauzon threw down at UFC Fight Night 50, and the result was an excellent scrap. Although it ended prematurely due to a nasty cut over Chiesa’s right eye, the bout was an example of quality matchmaking. Unfortunately for “Maverick”, it just wasn’t his night. A big knee from Lauzon opened a deep gash that was pouring blood.

Chiesa and “J-Lau” picked up an extra $50,000 for their efforts in the form of a FOTN bonus, and “Maverick” is baying for a rematch over social media right now….

I’m with Chiesa on this one, it was a great fight and a rematch should happen. The bout will be remembered, but had it continued it may have been an all time classic. It’s always tough when fights get stopped by the doctors, but a few more blows to that cut and Chiesa’s face could have been half hanging off.

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What do you think, are you interested in seeing Michael Chiesa vs Joe Lauzon 2?