Michael Bisping Rips ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Dan Henderson After Eye Taunts


Michael Bisping has ripped into his long-time rival Dan Henderson after the pair clashed on social media while ‘The Count’ was calling UFC 251 live from ‘Fight Island’ this past weekend.

Bisping admits he was surprised Henderson initiated the argument after previously having friendly interactions with the man he fought twice inside the Octagon.

“I was like you f**king assh*le,” Bisping said on the latest episode of the Believe You Me podcast. “What a pr*ck. I get it, all right but it was a long time ago. It was 11 years ago.

“I see Dan Henderson on occasion, not very often. I saw him, I was in Albuquerque or somewhere for a fight and Dan Henderson was there and we exchanged pleasantries and said hi. ‘Hey Dan, how you doing?’ that’s about it, whatever. A quick ‘how’s everything, all good.’ I thought you f**king little sh*t. You little f**king snake.”

The former middleweight champion took particular offence to Henderson making jokes about the fact he is blind in one eye. He admits to thinking about retaliating with his won below the belt remarks but refrained from doing so.

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“I had some loaded in the chamber. Some heavy low blows. But I’m not going to go there,” Bisping revealed. “I wouldn’t go there. Trust me, I had a very, very, very, very significant low blow that I’ll tell you off the air but I wouldn’t do that cause I’m not a c*nt. I’m not an assh*le. Certainly as a fighter, I wouldn’t go after somebody’s injury that f**king somebody did whilst on steroids.

“Cause any fighter that steps into the cage runs the risk of getting hurt. They run the risk of getting life long injuries. They run the risk of brain damage. They run the risk of getting f**king killed and there’s a certain honor amongst it. Like you say honor amongst thieves or whatever. There should be a certain honor, a certain code between fighters that a lot of f**king assh*les seem to forget. They talk sh*t like that little sh*t Chad Mendes is another one. You shouldn’t make fun of a fellow fighter’s injury if that injury happened in the cage, in your sport. The chosen sport that you’re all pursuing. That’s bad karma. It’s almost like you’re asking for that same fate.”

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Bisping went on to explain why he take comments about his eye so personally.

“To a certain degree, I f**king wear that as a badge of honor. I don’t, I cover it up at all times with a fake lens but still, you get the point that I’m making,” Bisping said. “I wear my cauliflowered ears and my scars as a badge of honor. I cover the eye up all the time because I’m embarrassed by it and it is a touchy subject but what a low, lousy just a scummy sh*tty move to say that.

“Certainly as a I say as an elder man that’s retired, that has children, and then to go after another fighter’s life long altering injury like that. I just thought you really are a low piece of sh*t and I’m f**king happy — you want to talk about CTE and not being able to string a f**king sentence together. That old f**king creaky dinosaur, f**k me, he can hardly f**king talk. He looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. He can’t f**king turn his head left or right. I don’t know what his f**king personal situation is but I don’t think he’s very healthy either.”

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Despite the fact both men have now retired from the sport Bisping seems more than willing to fight Henderson next time they meet, he said.

“So go f**k yourself Dan Henderson. And if you’ve got a problem with me baby f**king boy, come say it to my f**king face like a real f**king man cause I’ll stick the f**king nuts on you, straight a-f**king-way, simple as f**king that. You old creaky ass f**king c*nt. F**k off, pr*ck.” (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

Do you think Michael Bisping is right to be so angry about Dan Henderson mocking his eye injury?