Michael Bisping: A Finisher





Many people have been bad mouthing for his lack of finishing ability lately, what people don’t realize is that Bisping has only gone the distance 6 times in his 23 fight career. An some might say,”Oh after Hendo sledge hammered him with his right fist Bispings gone scared”. BULLSHIT! he literally finished Kang two fights ago in the second round. IMO hes just fighting better competition so it’s just alil harder to finish these guys. Just give Bisping a chance he looked way better in the Akiyama fight setting down on his punches and all. I mean look at Akiyama he has a granite chin. Bisping will finish another guy soon. But before you get all high and mighty lemme ask you this…………would rather watch a three round strikefest or a three round wrestler hump sesh?