Matt Riddle released from the UFC, fails second marijuana drug test

And just like that one more fighter has been terminated from the UFC.

 Recreational drugs have been seeming to become an increasingly problematic issue in MMA. An issue which has left fighters like Nick Diaz and Matt “riddled” with issues. See what I did there? Thank you, I’m here all week.

 But in all seriousness, MMA Junkie first reported the news Tuesday, that Riddle had failed yet another post-fight drug test for marijuana, making this the second instance the failure has taken place since his win over Chris Clements at UFC 149.

Apparently Riddle has a medical marijuana license for the state of Nevada and has been quoted in an interview on the MMA Hour recently stating:

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“I do smoke but I’m not smoking to get stoned. I’m smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things. People, maybe they did it in college one way, but for a guy like me, for a professional athlete that goes through what we go through, it’s medicine for me. Maybe for some little stoner sitting on the couch playing XBox, for him, it’s a drug. For me, it’s medicine.”

Because there is no athletic commission present in London, the UFC has the responsibility to act on the situation. Although they have not yet confirmed whether the win will be overturned.

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