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Thats the sentence that started a long interview with Waldomiro Junior, one of the more important names on the BJJ panorama. Hailing from S.Paulo (Brazil), Waldomiro has trained “Rampage” for six years, including the Season 10 Ultimate Fighter were he was one of Quintons coaches against Rashad. The long duration of this “partnership” helps in preparation for the fights since the knowledge he has of Quinton makes the training a lot easier: he knows what works for Quinton and what doesnt.

For the fight against Lyoto, Waldomiro thinks they can dismantle his fighting strategy. He believes Lyoto hasnt fought anyone like Quinton and thinks he can knock him out. Is words were:

“No doubt he is a great strategist (Lyoto) but I think he never fought someone as heavy handed as Quinton. We will break his strategy and knock him out!”

Rampage camp for UFC 123 is already in full force preparing for the fight. Quinton is focusing a lot in his ground game training with Waldomiro, but he isnt forgetting the striking part, having in the camp Lance Gibson to help in his Muay-Thai.

One of the critiques that Rampage had from his last fight was the instructions he had from his corner which were very vague and un-helpfull. His training camp and team is the same thou, so we must ask ourselves: is Rampage ready to trade with a skilled technical striker of the likes of Machida or will he try and take the fight to the ground with his wrestling skills?

Guess we will find out in November. For now, we can rejoice with the prospect of this great match up and other fantastic fights in the card like Penn vs Hughes and Lauzon vs Sotiropoulos (this one in my opinion has fight of the night writen all over it).