Lyoto Machida talks about Shogun and Velasquez

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Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Lyoto Machida, is set to rematch Shogun Rua at UFC 113 because of the controversial decision that took place at UFC 104. When asked what kind of gameplan he will be bring into his rematch, he had this to say:

“Look, I’m trying to forget it (the first fight). It’s a new fight. Shogun is a very eclectic fighter; he has this capacity of changing. I’m focusing some aspects and we don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

Both Machida and Shogun will have to come up with new strategies in order to be victorious at UFC 113 as they know what the other is capable of doing, after their controversial fight at UFC 104.

Machida also, gave his thought on Velasquez’s victory over his training partner Minotauro Nogueria, who got knocked out at the main event of UFC 110.

“I trained with him when I was going to face Tito Ortiz. I went after a good guy in wrestling, he wasn’t in the UFC yet. We trained together for a couple weeks and I felt he was a tough guy, had a lot of heart. It’s really important in the sport. A lot of people have talent, but will and persistence? He trained a lot, he’s a really tough fighter. A loss can happen to anyone. Velasquez deserved the victory, but Minotauro has his chances. He’s a great fighter and I knew none of them would give up the fight. It’s like tennis… Today Federer is winning, but tomorrow a new guy can come and defeated him.”

Like many, Machida also, believes that Minotauro will be back, stronger than ever and gives all the credit in the world to Cain Velasquez who’s been looking better and better every fight.