Lyoto Machida Fires Back At Gegard Mousasi, Addresses Possible Fedor Fight

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After a few recent steroid accusations, it’s no surprise that Lyoto Machida fires back at Gegard Mousasi.

‘The Dragon’ doesn’t take kindly to callouts and accusations. Machida and Mousasi have some history. ”The Dragon’ holds a unanimous decision victory over the current Bellator middleweight champion from a five-round affair back at UFC Fight Night 136 in 2014.

Mousasi has since accused Machida from everything to greasing to steroids. ‘The Dragon’ doesn’t take kindly to those accusations.

”Everything Mousasi says only motivates me,” Machida told MMA Fighting in a recent interview. “I have a win over him and I think he’s a little bothered by it. But I think it’s an easier fight to promote now. I’m very motivated and I want this opportunity, especially with him as a champion.”

“Fighting in Bellator is a dream come true for me. Having a belt is a bigger dream,” he continued. “But I just got to the promotion, one step at a time. I have to fight first, feel well, and then think about this. I want the Bellator belt. I’m not here to be part of the roster and just fight. I came here to become champion and remain champion for as long as I can.”


Machida may still have the drive to compete with the best in the world but whether or not he can physically do it remains to be seen.

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He does, however, hold some strong opinions on the anti-doping debate. Machida had an 18-month suspension handed down to him via the United States Anti-Doping Agency for disclosing his use of 7-keto-dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

The former UFC champ approves of the goal in mind but doesn’t approve of how USADA handles some situations.

“I’m in favor of the anti-doping system in the sport, I believe it’s good for the sport, but I’m not in favor of how USADA deals with many cases,” Machida said. “I think sometimes they are too harsh and don’t take into consideration how the situation occurred, the athlete’s past, similar situations that could be seen when making a hard decision on a professional athlete’s career, whose lives and depends on it.”

Machida wouldn’t confirm he left the UFC because of USADA. He is glad to be free of their strict whereabouts system nonetheless.

“I won’t say I left the UFC because of USADA, no way, but today I feel lighter without USADA,” he continued. “I feel lighter. The thing that you have to report where you are going generated so much stress. Today I’m free, more relaxed. I’m living happier in that aspect.”

Fight With Fedor

An added perk to signing with the Scott Coker-run promotion is fight leniency. That is, fighters have the freedom to fight outside of their normal weight class. That being said, could we really get Machida vs. Fedor?

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Machida says it’s possible.

“A fight with Fedor (Emelianenko) would be a superfight,” Machida said. “I’m a fan of Fedor, have been a fan since he was in PRIDE, a great champion, and since I like to challenge myself, new challenges, that was one of the offers that came with my move to Bellator. Of course, fighting Fedor would be an honor, a dream.”