Video – Logan Paul faces off with Bradley Martyn in secretive clash: ‘I humbled a bodybuilder in a fist fight’

Logan Paul claims to have humbled Bradley Martyn in secretive MMA fight

Influencers Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn apparently square-off in secret and unfilmed MMA fight.

To be a content creator nowadays it seems that once in a while you will have to have a fight with another influencer, they cannot seem to get enough of it. Now add a behind the scenes ‘fade’ between Martyn and Paul to the seemingly endless YouTube scraps. 

Logan Paul Bradley Martyn

Friend of both and fellow influencer Mike Majlak posted a video of the two embracing, apparently immediately after fighting one another. 

Logan Paul faces off with Bradley Martyn in secretive MMA fight

“So Logan and Brad just ran a full fade. no cameras. no content. massive respect,” Majlak tweeted. He would further confirm that there was no footage f the alleged fight saying – “Brad unplugged all the cam’s trust me i wanted the video as bad as yall. just some old fashioned s***.”

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During the video, any previous ill well appeared to be gone as the two hugged it out.

“Good s***,” Logan Paul said to Martyn as they hugged. “Bro, thanks for letting that happen. Sometimes bro, boys got to be boys, man! “Good stuff” Martyn responded. (H/T BloodyElbow)

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Mandatory Credit: Chris Unger – Zuffa LLC

Of course, what everyone will want to know is who really won? While all parties seem content on not releasing any footage, Paul did give an indication on what could have went down. Before any footage was actual footage was released the WWE star said this:

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“This past week,” Paul stated as he began to describe a hectic week. “Shot a commercial for new company – Competed in MrBeast’s video for $1M – Played in the Tetris World Championships – Finished filming a documentary – Humbled a bodybuilder in a fist fight.”

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Both Paul and Martyn will be familiar with combat sports fans – Paul famously tried his hand at boxing, fighting KSI, Floyd Mayweather and Dillon Danis. Martyn on the other hand has never fought, but that has not stopped him calling out several boxers and MMA fighters which captured headlines. 

Who do you think won Logan Paul or Bradley Martyn?