Lesnar vs Valasquez wont happen at UFC 119

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Unfortunately Brock Lesnar will not be back in action as soon as we thought. Dana White dismissed the rumor that Brock Lesnar and Cain Valasquez would headline UFC 119.

“Reports that Brock is fighting in Indy Sept. 25 are false,” White wrote via text to MMA Fighting

Although Brock said he left the fight without any serious injuries an injury may be the reason he wont be competing so soon. MMAjunkie reports that Lesnar will be out until Aug. 3 with no conact due to right eyelid and left eyebrow lacerations. This would mean Brock would only have a bit over a month to train for his new opponent. Unlike Brock Cain knew he was fighting for the belt since his victory at UFC 110 and has been preparing for Lesnar for 4 months.

So far the only other possible Main Event could be Lil Nog vs Rampage but it has yet to be confirmed. In the case that they do not fight at UFC 119 the card will be in some serious danger


Source: mmafighting.com & mmajunkie.com

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