Now that Conor McGregor‘s legal issues have been smoothed out for his Brooklyn bus attack, the focus is heavily upon his rumored megafight with lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The undefeated “Eagle” addressed the anticipated match-up during a Q&A session via MMA Fighting yesterday during the lead-up to this weekend’s (Sat., July 28, 2018) UFC on FOX 30 from Calgary, suggesting that he didn’t necessarily want to finish McGregor quickly if and when they did fight.

The undefeated champion wants to take “The Notorious” into deep waters and drown him to make him pay for his controversial assault earlier this spring, yet he isn’t even sure the fight will happen, so he’ll remain cautiously hopeful until it really does:

“My plan is make him fight. Make him fight, make him tired, and make him give up. This is my plan,” Nurmagomedov told the fans in Calgary. “I don’t want to finish him early. I want to make him pay, about all things, what happened. You know, I can’t believe enough we’re finally going to fight. I can’t believe. Wait to sign, wait on where we’re going to fight.

“When cage close, I’m going to believe. But, before? No way.”

And while McGregor’s charges were essentially cleared when he agreed to a plea deal, the feared Dagestani still questioned the motivation behind the attack that left three fights off of April’s UFC 223.

In his opinion, if McGregor truly wanted to fight he would send him a location and bring himself, not a ‘calvary’ as he tweeted and deleted yesterday, and certainly not a camera:

“If you have problem with somebody, why you need come with 30 people and with camera?” Nurmagomedov said. “Why? For what? I don’t understand this. For me, interesting. Like, yesterday UFC called me, ‘Hey, we need you, we have to talk with you,’ and my manager go talk with them. They say we have to give you couple security guys, because [McGregor] put tweet, and after, he delete. After court he put tweet about, ‘Calvary, let’s go to Calgary.’ Hey, why you need cavalry? Come alone and send me location and that’s it.”

With “The Notorious” the obvious next match-up for him, Khabib switched his focus to the fight itself, and when he was questioned about how McGregor could potentially beat him, the undefeated phenom’s response wasn’t surprising. Nurmagomedov cited the usual weaknesses that McGregor detractors often do, claiming that he had no conditioning and would be destroyed like so many of his previous foes:

“It’s impossible, brother,” Nurmagomedov said. “No really, I think it’s impossible. This is what I think. If I try to take him down one time and he defends very good, I’m going to try to do this 100 times. What he going to do? He don’t have conditioning, he don’t have wrestling, he don’t have grappling. When he tired, he don’t have heart. What happen? He have only very good left hand. I agree with this, he have very good left hand. But what he going to do?

“I’m going to cut this angle and try to take him down 100 times, and it’s going to be different fight. People think, okay, if Khabib going to fight like I fight versus Iaquinta, okay, he can beat me. But you have to watch all my fights, all my 10 fights, it’s all different. When I fight with (Edson) Barboza, (Rafael) dos Anjos, Michael Johnson, all fight is different. And we will see. We will see.”