Eddie Alvarez Knocks Out Justin Gaethje In ‘Fight Of The Year’ Frontrunner

Raj Mehta for USA TODAY Sports

Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez had a war at UFC 218 and Alvarez emerged victorious.

The second bout on the main card of UFC 218 featured a lightweight fracas. Gaethje and Alvarez did battle inside Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Gaethje opened up with a leg kick at the start of the fight. A right hand was there for Gaethje, while Alvarez connected with an uppercut. “The Highlight” kept going to the leg kicks. Alvarez lost his balance a bit from another stiff leg kick.

Alvarez caught a kick, but couldn’t capitalize. An uppercut landed for Gaethje, who fired back with a left hook. Blood started to trickle down the nose of Gaethje. A left hook was there for Alvarez. A body combination was there for Alvarez. Now blood dripped down the side of Gaethje’s face. The round ended and Alvarez was starting to get in a groove.

Alvarez got the second stanza started with a leg kick. A hook landed for Gaethje. Alvarez responded with a right hand upstairs. Gaethje connected with his own uppercut. He appeared to slow down, but he still landed some shots. Alvarez got in a knee to the body. He followed that up by ripping shots to the body.

Gaethje connected with a right hand over the top. He then landed another leg kick. Alvarez landed a left hand. Gaethje looked for a takedown, but couldn’t get it. He ate a knee near the end of the round.

The two weren’t shy to trade at the start of the final frame. Gaethje chopped away with the left leg kicks. He landed another one and shrugged Alvarez off from a tie-up attempt. A knee to the body found the mark for Alvarez.

Gaethje continued to punish the left leg of his opponent. Alvarez ducked under a punch and briefly took his opponent down. Gaethje quickly got up. Another leg kick was able to bring Alvarez down for a moment. The two looked spent, but still stood active.

A clean uppercut landed for Gaethje. A knee to the jaw knocked Gaethje out. What a fight!

Final Result: Eddie Alvarez def. Justin Gaethje via TKO (knee & strikes) – R3, 3:59