Troll Pleads for Lenience Following Verbal Attack On Julian Marquez After UFC Austin Defeat

Julian Marquez

An Instagram user has pleaded with UFC middleweight, Julian Marquez to refrain from exposing abusive direct messages he had issued to the Octagon feature following his UFC Austin knockout defeat against Gregory Rodrigues last weekend, claiming that he has now himself received backlash for his comments.

Julian Marquez, a five-fight Octagon veteran and product of Dana White’s Contender Series, featuring opposite grappling standout, Rodrigues at UFC Austin last weekend at the Moody Center, suffering a first round knockout defeat.

Julian Marquez landed in the UFC following a high kick KO win against Phil Hawes at DWCS

Following the loss, the Missouri native revealed a slew of derogatory and abusive messages aimed at him by an Instagram user.

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“This is part of being a fighter,” Julian Marquez tweeted, accompanied by a series of direct messages sent to him. “This kid lost money betting on me and is super upset.”

“Wake up sleepy head,” The Instagram user messaged Marquez. “You num you just got pieced to the shadow realm. Ur dead. Na ur not good ur f*cking dosh*t and u sold the lay so hard.Go to hell you f*cking bum. F*ck you. Miley Cyrus doesn’t want your c*ck. You made Greg rich tonight good sh*t. He’s laughing that 50k to the bank after 4 knockdowns in the first round. Gregory knocked any last brain cells u had into another dimension my boy.”

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Following Marquez’s decision to reveal the direct messages he had received, the Instagram user claimed that his family and himself had received threats, major criticizm and backlash for his actions.

“They are threatening me and my family. And what I’ve sent today, is an apology, so if you want  something to post you can post that or just posting about me. Please, I regret what I have said to you and I am dealing with my ranking being sent threats. So please understand that and just please stop posting about me, I’m asking very nicely.”

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“It’s one thing for people to threaten me, I can take it. But my family? It’s not right, just please leave it be and move on and just forget about posting about me please. … C’mon man, you already did enough you have it on your Twitter feed forever, can you please just be done posting about me.”