Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is supposedly ready to change his entire life in following his submission loss to Mattia Schiavolin at last Saturday’s Venator FC 3 fro Milan, Italy; a fight before which he missed weight by a baffling 24 pounds for his originally scheduled middleweight title bout with Luke Barnatt.

It’s common knowledge that the former UFC and Strikeforce competitor has fallen on hard times as of late with seemingly countless run-ins with the law that continuously appear on the pages of tabloid sites everywhere, but in an interview with MMANews.pl (via Bloody Elbow) after his Venator loss, ‘Mayhem’ vowed to turn it around:

“If you don’t learn from an experience, that’s ’cause you haven’t thought about it long enough. Look, it’s only been about an hour and I already thought a lot about this. I have an idea of where to start to change my whole life.”

Miller noted that he wouldn’t make excuses, instead choosing to focus on getting back into the cage, even in defeat. With a positive mindset on place, Miller said he wants to shake off the ring rust:

“I don’t like to make any excuses. I pride myself on being able to fight anyone at any time,” Mayhem said. “Mattia really cranked it up tonight. I felt like I was winning, but then I was losing. Suddenly I lost. I’m kinda shaking some ring rust off. It was a hard way to learn it in front of a beautiful Italian crowd, but I feel this is kind of a re-awakening of the Mayhem. I felt a positive feeling that I haven’t felt the longest time. So despite the loss I’m being hopeful for the future.”

The man who once hosted MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” — and fought al-time great UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre — took an honest retrospective from the bout, finding small positives while admitted that there was still much to be worked on. With that established, Miller closed by affirming that his excitement for MMA was back:

“You can see by my performance, it wasn’t a complete loss,” he said. “I had my moments of goodness, but overall I see that there’s a lot to be fixed. I’ll go back to the drawing board, tweak some things, figure some things out. I had a lot of fun, but not as much fun as I could have had.

“I have a lot to work on, now I have a starting point. I haven’t been in front of a crowd in four years. That was a big thing, because of that excitement. […] A lot of things went wrong. But I’m still Mayhem, still here, and you can’t kill Mayhem!”

With his endless and concerning legal troubles having unfortunately portrayed as nothing but a raving lunatic of sorts for the past several years, it’s no doubt refreshing to see ‘Mayhem’ focused on something good like athletic competition. Staying sober and out of trouble as he prepares to resurrect his martial arts career will be another thing, however.

Are you rooting for the ‘Mayhem’ to return, or have you already seen enough?