Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal appeared to be pals ahead of the YouTuber’s fight with Ben Askren in April. ‘Gamebred’ and Paul even trained together ahead of the bout.

In the build-up to Paul’s next fight against Tyron Woodley, the mood has changed, with Masvidal backing ‘The Chosen One’ to spectacularly knockout the 24-year-old on August 29.

“So, it’s not to diss Jake…Woodley can throw them hands; Ben Askren never could,” Masvidal told Ariel Helwani. “Woodley could’ve made his money grappling, which he did. He’s good enough of an athlete, and he’s good enough of an athlete to make his money with his hands and knock people the f**k out. I know Jake’s never been in there with a guy like that – That’s explosive, is a good athlete, and has a ton of experience over. So, (if) Jake wins, f**king wild. My hat’s off to him. I was wrong. I don’t know sh** about fighting, right? But, chances are Woodley‘s gonna knock him the f**k out.”

During a recent interview with Combat Culture, Paul reacted to Masvidal’s prediction, he said.

“He’s going to eat those words very quickly. This is coming from a guy who just got knocked out cold in an embarrassing way. Maybe he doesn’t know that much about fighting.”

“I think Jorge has done a lot for this sport. I think he’s a good guy, but, unfortunately, my friend it’s a new era. Of course, he’s going to side with his boy. Maybe Jorge’s next.”

After getting wind of Paul’s comments Masvidal took to social media.

“I guess this means you’ll stop hitting me up now on social media to hang out and train,” Masvidal wrote on Twitter. “Don’t worry about me you got a handful of problems coming your way #supernecessary”

“You played yourself,” Paul wrote in response alongside a image of Masvidal taken from UFC 261. “It’s super necessary you get your boss Dana to give you permission to get in the ring with me since you supposed to be nice with your “hands””

If Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley, do you want to see him fight Jorge Masvidal next?

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