It’s Official: Georges St-Pierre Exits USADA Drug Testing Pool

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Its official, Georges St-Pierre exits USADA’S drug testing pool a couple of weeks after announcing his retirement from the sport.

St-Pierre called it a career after more than 16 years in the sport. He is widely considered as the greatest welterweight champion of all-time. He captured the middleweight strap at the tail end of his career as well.

As first reported by ESPN, St-Pierre’s retirement became a bit more real earlier today when UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky announced that he had received a handwritten notice of “GSP’s” retirement.

That formal retirement is significant with regards to the UFC’s anti-doping policy. With his retirement, St-Pierre will remove himself from the USADA drug-testing pool. That means that if he were to return, GSP would have to spend at least six months back in the pool before competing again, per the official policy:

“He is out [of the pool],” Novitzky said. “He gave me written notice he’s retired and out of the USADA registered testing pool (RTP). If he were to ever return, he’d have to be back in for six months before competing.”

It’s unlikely “GSP” will make another comeback at 37 years old. However, he did leave some wiggle room for a possible return.

“I don’t know where I will be, mentally, the state of mind, in my life, in a few months,” St-Pierre said. “I don’t know. For me, it’s retirement now. I don’t want those other guys to call me out, because I’m out. If something happens and Dana calls me back with something interesting, we’ll see. Like a movie scenario, ‘Oh! He’s coming back!’ We’ll see, but right now I’m not thinking about it.”

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