Holy $#!+ This Wrestling Throw is Amazing Updated

(Damn auto-play videos. The clip is after the jump.)

That ninja in the blue wrestling singlet is Ellis Coleman, a Greco-Roman stylist from Northern Michigan University, and he’s competing at the Junior World Championships in Bucharest, Romania. That guy he’s wrestling has no idea what is getting ready to happen to him. We’d describe it, but just watch the damn video, because it’s fucking insane.

Whatever that technique was, we’re fucking-A positive that Coleman just made it up, Amazingly, this is not the first time that Coleman has hit this on someone, and that other poor son of a bitch is probably still crying somewhere as you watch this.

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Below: The inspiration (we think) for this ridiculous throw; leave your suggestion for what this craziness should be called. And the first person that suggests some boring shit like “flying inverted body lock takedown”, we’re changing your screen name to something humiliating. We’d try to come up with something, but our minds are blown.

Update: Props to Onan for finding out that this is not the first time Coleman has done this crazy move on some unlucky rube. Apparently, it’s called “the Flying Squirrel”, so we’ve all learned something today.

Here’s a video of him attempting the same thing in an exhibition just a few months ago, insanity happens at 8:10:

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