Georges St-Pierre has been contemplating the future of humanity during his time in retirement and has come to the conclusion that we must leave Earth.

The former two-weight UFC champion has always had a thing for all things extra-terrestrial, that much has become clear from his appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience.

During a recent appearance on Lex Fridman’s podcast, St-Pierre gave his thoughts on what the future holds for humanity. The Canadian MMA legend believes we simply must leave Earth to avoid an apocalyptic event and spread our seed.

“I think it’s a must [for] our salvation. We need to leave [Earth] at some point,” St-Pierre said. “Historically in the past, we’ve been bombarded by an asteroid, volcano.

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Crazy things happen here. It’s very unstable. If you look at it through a lifetime of a human being, it’s nothing. But just look, 12,000 years ago, what happened? There is a cataclysm that happens all the time. It’s very unstable.

“So if we want to survive as a species… we need to get out, be able to get out, and spread our seed.”

Georges St-Pierre Talks About The Potential Colonization Of Mars

‘Rush’ doesn’t think he’ll ever get the chance to visit Mars but does believe it is a genuine possibility for his potential grandchildren.

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“With the technology we have now, maybe in the future,” St-Pierre said. “Maybe the children of our children will be able to experience that. Go to the weekend on Mars.”

St-Pierre thinks visiting Mars would be “cool” but he’s also aware of the potential pitfalls the experience would come with.

“You might not be healthy when you come back,” St-Pierre said. “All the astronauts, they experience health issues. They lose a lot of muscle mass and bone density. So yeah, I don’t think the technology is good right now. I mean, let’s say it is— I would love to be doing it for a weekend if it’s safe.

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“I wouldn’t want to be the first [to be on Mars]. I wouldn’t want to, I leave the other one. But when I know it’s safe. Okay. Count me in.” (Transcribed by MiddleEasy)

What do you make of George St-Pierre’s plan to save humanity?

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