Frankie Edgar’s short-notice bout against Chan Sung Jung in Korea didn’t go too well.

Edgar was stopped in the first round in vicious fashion, resulting in a lengthy medical suspension shortly thereafter. Now, however, looking back, Edgar tells MMA Fighting he has no regrets over taking the fight against “The Korean Zombie.”

“It was something I did,” Edgar said. “You can’t go back and dwell on sh*t you can’t change anyways. No regrets for me. Obviously, I wanted a different outcome, but I took the opportunity. It didn’t go my way.

“Sh*t happens, but those are the breaks. I was definitely depressed for a little bit, a little down on myself, but you move on. What else are you going to do?”

Prior to his bout with Jung, Edgar was scheduled to make his debut at bantamweight against Cory Sandhagen. Of course, Edgar opted to pull from that fight in favor of headlining against Jung at 145 pounds. Edgar actually thought he might be able to fight Jung and still go on to compete against Sandhagen weeks later.

Of course, due to the damage he suffered against Jung, that was nowhere near possible. Despite the setback, Edgar says he still plans on dropping down to 135 pounds in attempt to capture UFC gold again.

“I’m going to go down to bantamweight,” Edgar said. “That was the whole plan before this obviously. The cards have been stacked against me my whole career being the smaller guy.

“Going out there and fighting in Korea on short notice, that kind of stacked the cards even more. I think what I need to do is put myself in a favorable position to win my next fight, and that’s at 135.”

What do you think about Edgar still planning to drop down to bantamweight?