Frank Mir still obsessed with Brock Lesnar

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On July 2 Frank Mir tweeted some interesting news.

“Brock’s comments in his UFC interviews have inspired me to decide on holding off on going to 205, and working my way to fighting him again.”

It looks like the Lesnar obsession has not died away. It started back at UFC 81 when Mir forced Brock to tap via kneebar. Since then the war of words between the two has been crazy. When Brock finally got his rematch at UFC 100 the fight was very one side as a much improved Lesnar took Mir down at will and pounded his face in until the fight was stopped in the second Rnd. After that loss Frank Mir has not been the same. He put on 30 lbs of muscle and was determined to get his revenge. The road back to Brock started at UFC 107 where a much bigger Mir dropped Cheick Kongo early and choked him out. Then only one man stood between him and Lesnar and it was heavy handed Shane Carwin. Frank looked good the first few minutes but after Shane got him up against the cage it was game over.

Now Mir will look to once again get his Rubber Match against Brock Lesnar. It is still unclear when Frank will return or at what weight since he had already begun his cut down to 205.



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