Frank Camacho

UFC lightweight Frank Camacho has made a kid’s wish come true.

A few years back, Camacho met Kaleb Cruz, who asked for a picture with him. From then on the UFC fighter knew he would meet him again and remembered who he was.

“Right off the bat, you could tell he was super excited and was sizing me up,” Camacho told MMA Junkie. “After the photo, I told him it was a pleasure to meet him, and after a few back-and-forths, he said one day he was going to fight and beat me. From then, I remembered the name.”

Then, after some messages of good luck before his fight, Camacho decided they should hold a fight between the two. So, he made it happen, and Cruz decided to play a prank on him by making him walk out to Baby Shark.

“Kaleb is a great kid with great energy,” Camacho said. “I knew we would all have a blast. … One thing led to another, and it was so awesome to have so much support from my teammates, families, coaches and Guam. I mentioned to everyone that came, they really all just came to see me get my ass whooped.

“The crowd was chanting his name on his walkout. He used my fight song, by the way: ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ The announcer made me come out to ‘Baby Shark.’ Go figure.”

The fight was set for three, 90-second rounds, yet Cruz TKO’d Camacho in the third round. Now, the UFC fighter is eyeing a rematch with him.

“There is a huge connection two fighters have when you share the cage and fight,” Camacho said. “I have a very unique relationship with all my previous opponents in my career. It was real nice to share the cage with Kaleb. I know we will always have that, and for that I’m thankful for him. I told him he owes me a rematch – and that I will be gunning for him.”

It was a dream come true for Kaleb Cruz and all made possible because of Frank Camacho. Watch the full fight video below: