Floyd Mayweather Jr. Claims He ‘Carried’ Conor McGregor In Their Fight

Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports
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Following UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway finishing Jose Aldo in their rematch to retain his UFC featherweight title this past Saturday at UFC 218, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor decided it would be a great time to take to social media and take some shots at Holloway.

McGregor is attacking fighters he’s already beaten. This leads us to the last man to beat McGregor taking his own shots at the UFC champion.

Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to social media (video via Fight Hype) to declare that his August fight against McGregor was actually easier than it appeared as he claims that he let carried McGregor to put on a better show for the fans.

“Everybody tried to protest the Mayweather-McGregor fight, right? But I’m gonna tell y’all the truth, I’m gonna tell y’all the truth.

You know I carried McGregor, Mayweather said (transcript courtesy of MMA Fighting). “You know I made it look good for y’all.”

As seen in the fight, McGregor appeared to have early success in the crossover superfight as he actually landed more punches against Mayweather than did several of his most notable opponents, including future boxing Hall of Famers Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, and Shane Mosley.

There were several boxers who had suggested the reason for this was Mayweather allowing McGregor to have success early, but this is the first time Mayweather had gone on record by saying this and giving into the speculation.

Obviously, McGregor certainly would dispute Mayweather’s claim as the lightweight champion has said he knows he’d beat “the little motherf**ker” in a rematch.

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