The MMA world is almost collectively ecstatic that UFC 229’s main event will move forward as scheduled. Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov made weight and Conor McGregor did soon after at today’s UFC 229 early weigh-ins. That left most of the fight game ready to rejoice. But one person isn’t so excited, and it’s women’s strawweight veteran Felice Herrig.

Herrig will face Michelle Waterson in the opening bout of the UFC 229 main card from the T-Mobile Arena tomorrow night.

She’s apparently been getting some hatred online because of her anti-McGregor stance due to his controversial New York attack. Herrig was asked about this dynamic at the UFC 229 Media Day. She revealed to MMA Fighting (via Bloody Elbow) that it’s all because of his ‘nuthugger’ fans:

“I think because there’s controversy, and so many people they either love Conor or they hate him. So his nuthuggers are gonna be like ‘How dare you speak of the king like that? Blasphemy!’

Blind Followers?

‘Little Bulldog’ went on to offer her opinion that McGregor’s fan would follow him blindly no matter what he did. Those who would do anything at all for McGregor are the ones hating on her:

“I think it’s just because people will follow him blindly. He’s the kind of person who could be a cult leader and have all these little minions. The people that get pissed at me are his little minions who would kiss his feet. So that’s why I get hate, it’s because he’s so loved or hated or controversial.”

Yet Herrig is undeterred. She is not happy with his controversial assault earlier this year, and will never be. Herrig even went as far as to call McGregor a “piece of s**t” for his attack on several fighters:

“I don’t care, what he did was wrong,” she said. “I still think he’s a piece of sh-t, and I’m always going to think he’s a piece of sh-t.”