This is a list of fights I would like to see between top MMA fighters. The list is built around the two fighters meeting in their prime, not necessarily in the form they are in now.

Anderson Silva vs Mirko ‘Cro Cop’. I would like to see this fight because both men have such good KO power. Cro Cop with his aggressive high kicks and punching power against the smooth counter punching style of Silva. Not sure which way it would go but I would love to watch it.

Shogun Rua vs Wanderlei Silva. Both these fighters have superb striking abilities. With powerful knees, elbows and punching I think Rua vs Wand would provide an awesome spectacle of Brazilian fighting techniques. Although it is unlikely as the two are good friends and have trained together frequently.

GSP vs Gegard Mousasi. I think this bout would be explosive. Now I know the fighters are at different weights but maybe a catch weight bout or if GSP did move up we would have a great battle with both fighters having superb ground and stand up skills.

Vitor Belfort vs Fedor Emelianenko. Again they would have to meet in weight class but I think this would prove a truly amazing bout, with Belfort’s superb speed in striking against the controlled style and awesome ground and pound of Fedor. 

Nate Marquardt vs Cung Le. I would like to see this fight because of the two fighters unorthodox striking. High kicks and spinning back fists from Nate and some Sanshou/Muay Thai offense from Cung would provide a real classic if these two were to fight.

Chuck Liddell vs Forrest Griffin. Two fighters tailor made for each other. They both love to stand and brawl. I think this one would come down to who can take more punishment in the punching exchanges.

Cain Velasquez vs Pedro Rizzo. A fight I would love to see because of each fighters explosive capabilities.  They love knockouts and I don’t know who would take the win with both in their prime.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Royce Gracie. Both fighters have established themselves as among the best submission artists in MMA history. I would pay a lot to see these two legends fight in what I’m sure would be an amazing bout.

Thanks for reading.