Fabricio Werdum: Always the Last to Know

Considering the sport’s “inyaface” attitude, MMA organizations are surprisingly non-confrontational when it comes to dealing with their employees. Time and time again we hear stories of fighters who find out their contracts have been shredded (or that the league they fight for no longer exists) not from the company HR department, but from blogs like this one. The latest example is Fabricio Werdum, who thought his job security with the UFC was solid until Tatame filled him in. It seems like the big guy is still in denial:

“I’m surprised by the news. My sister is my manager and she’s the one that deals with the UFC and she always contacted me first before making decision. From what I know the UFC have not contacted her. I still have four more fights left on my contract that runs until 2010. From what they told me I should fight in February, July, November and April of 2010. In fact, I’m moving to the US to prepare for those fights with Rafael Cordeiro.” said Werdum who is still making final arrangements to make his move to USA in December.

Well, your first mistake was making your sister your manager — the woman’s got enough to worry about, what with the new baby and the kitchen renovations and the new season of Lipstick Jungle. Maybe she just forgot to tell you that the UFC called to fire you. It happens.

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Werdum’s statement seems to contradict MMA Weekly’s earlier report that “Vai Cavalo” is already looking for a new place to fight, but the firing part seems accurate, at least; as Fightlinker points out, Werdum’s name is gone from the rolls at UFC.com. I guess that’s what passes for a firm handshake and a “good luck” these days…

(Thanks to Robert at Betwwx for the translation.)